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My name is Heidi Steltzer. I consider educating and inspiring others on how to become fit and healthy a service to the community. I have not always been healthy or happy and I have not always been fit and strong. Working most my life in corporate America mainly as a paralegal, I was always overworked, tired, stressed and generally feeling unhappy. Some jobs I loved and some I tolerated so I could pay the bills. In all my jobs I felt stressed and had extremely low energy. I struggled with eating right, keeping weight off and exercising. Eventually I needed medication for high blood pressure, pain pills for an aching back, sleeping pills to help with my insomnia, prescriptions for depression and anxiety and lots of sugar and coffee during the day to keep me awake. I remember going to the doctor and telling him I was feeling very angry. Do you know they have a pill for that? I couldn’t help but think – when will this madness end?

This is how Power to Wellness was born. It is my sincere desire to teach and inspire others to reach their potential and feel good not only about their bodies but their hearts and minds as well. I hope to empower and educate you to make healthier choices. I want everyone to feel energized, strong, happy, excited and ready to go to work and enjoy life!

Heidi is a devoted teacher of the yoga practice. She has mastered the 200 hour yoga training with high honors. She brings her years of experience to the yoga practice assisting students who are at different levels of their yoga practice. I would highly recommend her to teach a variety of yoga styles and students that are at different levels of yoga.

Sheri C.

Getting and staying healthy is a journey. Body awareness is an ongoing journey of learning to listen and respond to your body. Through PTW, I hope to help and guide you to do just that. I realize becoming healthy is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness. It is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a onetime fix.

Classes being taught at PTW are very multi-generational and have a personal touch. My instructors and myself care very much about the person and your personal goals. We enjoy helping others discover their power, develop their strength and reach their potential.

I have been in the fitness industry full time for over ten years and have been certified to teach many styles of Yoga, Pilates and personal train. I attend several trainings and workshops a year to continue my education and make classes more interesting, challenging, fun and safe. I hope to inspire, educate and guide you on your journey to health in body, mind and spirit.