Back to School Special – Focused Children

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Part 1 – How can students excel academically if they can’t focus?  How can they excel if the teacher has to deal with discipline issues in the classroom?  How can they excel if they are being bullied and teased, have low self esteem and poor self image?  How can they excel if they are so stressed due to family issues?

I know from speaking with teachers and parents, that many of them are concerned with the problem students have with attention and discipline.   While it is obvious that something needs to be done, what is less apparent is what actually is being done to address this challenge.

So many things plague our youth today from the growing problem of obesity, the effects being poor eating habits and low self esteem to tension and stress due to family issues, bullying, bad grades, peer pressure, etc.

We are all looking for ways to cope and have lost touch with our ability to focus inwardly.  We need to be able to learn and understand the unique language of our bodies (see prior post on Listen to the Unique Language of Your Body).  We have numbed ourselves through eating, video games, watching mindless TV – outside stimulus.  Our youth are becoming desensitized.

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means. – Albert Einstein

I have three young grandchildren and my desire is to be a good role model for them – to show them by example how to be healthy.  Yoga is a discipline, a discipline with an end result that is different from other activities.  It gives us the ability to be in touch with the body, mind and spirit.  It gives us and our children the ability to channel energy.  It gives them the tools they need to be able to cope with stress, anxiety and fear.  The neat thing about Yoga is that it is not competitive – you succeed just by trying.  It teaches you to slow down.

When my grandson feels the pressure at school, I remind him to be still for a moment and just breath.  At 11 years old, he is beginning to practice stillness.  Next challenge is with my 5 year old grand daughter.  She has a harder time with being still.  Don’t we all?   They both enjoy and practice Yoga – something they can always fall back on throughout their lives.

What kind of example and what kind of tools are we using to help our children cope and focus?

Next week:  Back to School Special Part II will address the ‘huge’ problem and effects of childhood obesity.

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