Listen to the unique language of your body

"There are times when we may fool ourselves.  There are times when we can fool others.  But we can never fool our body.  It is the most sensitive barometer of our inner world." --Sherrill Sellman

Have you ever ignored a pain only to find that it gets worse and worse until you stop and take care of it?  Have you been so busy at work going non-stop, feeling more stressed and finally get sick and have to rest in bed?  I know I have an...

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The Journey to Mindful Eating

What is mindful eating?  Mindful eating is about paying attention to the color, smell, texture, flavor, temperature and even sound of our food.  How many times have you experienced not enjoying a food simply because 'I don't like how it feels in my mouth' or I don't like the sound of the 'crunch' when I bite into it.  It is understanding what being hungry or even half-full feels like.  How does eating affect our emotions and our impulses? It is a practice of paying attention to wha...

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Getting Fit Corporate Style

Getting fit and healthy is a journey we all embark on at some point in our lives.  We fail many times and most of us try again.  Who doesn't want to lose weight and become more fit?  You've heard it many times - you must cut back on calories and increase the calories you burn.  Muscle burns more calories, so add some weight training and you will burn calories even while you sleep. Some tips to help you:  Become less dependent on a car.   Two things happen - you get the obvious, more ex...

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Give yourself permission to just sit

Wellness 20/7/2010 No Comments

The distractions of life are many – making it difficult to stay present.  Some days we can stay present by: (a)  Consciously decide what and how much TV you will watch - just try it for a day.  Instead of unwinding in front of the TV, spend 15-20 minutes just being still. Notice what comes up in your mind and body. (b) Drive silently and notice how that makes you feel. While driving – let go of being upset.  What thoughts enter your mind?  Do you fi...

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