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This year I decided I would spend more time getting out of my comfort zone.  Pretty much I get a pain in my stomach whenever I wander outside my zone of comfort.    If you are a Seinfeld fan, remember the episode where George does everything the opposite of how he normally would?  I am living that Seinfeld episode (actually I’m always living a Seinfeld episode, but that’s another story).  Before doing something, I ask myself how would I normally do this and then do something different.  I try to get out of my comfort zone as much as I can.

I spent the last couple years getting comfortable with doing things alone and being alone.  Being alone has become my new comfort zone.  To come out of that comfort zone, I decided I need to be more social and do things with people I do not know via  I still get a pain in my stomach when I meet up with my new group to go hiking or biking, but it is becoming more comfortable.   I am stretching and growing.

I try to challenge myself and take risks in spite of the fear that wants to hold me back.  The fear of pain or getting hurt.

The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be…. Because of all I may become I will close my eyes and leap.’ – Mary Anne Radmacher

What’s wrong with being comfortable?  Absolutely nothing if you are okay with not growing, cause if you start to feel too comfortable, chances are pretty good that you have stopped growing.  This doesn’t have to be huge – you can take any experience you have and make it an opportunity for growth.  It can be as simple as trying something new to eat or going a different route to work or try a new exercise routine.  Do something you always wanted to do but are afraid.

Be open to experiencing life fully rather than being dictated by the fear of the unknown – trust and yes, maybe fall but perhaps instead of falling, you find that you are able to fly.  You never know till you try.

If you believe there is a reason for everything, you have nothing to lose because you can trust that you will make the best of whatever comes your way.

Remember in life change is inevitable.  Remove fear so you can devote your energies to your dream.

Ready, set, close your eyes and take that leap……..

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