Wellness Seminars

Wellness seminars and wellness presentations are a great way to promote health and wellness within an organization. Wellness seminar topics vary widely, but should be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Corporate wellness or senior wellness seminars are generally offered during the day and most commonly during lunch.
Choose from a variety of wellness presentations for use within your own wellness program. Wellness presentations can be on: How to Be Fit at Your Desk; Senior Fitness; Nutrition, Physical Activity, How to Reduce and Manage Stress, How to Stay Motivated.

Heidi is a detailed personal trainer with an excellent knowledge of physical fitness. She has excellent communication skills and is fun to work with. Her training staff is very knowledgeable and diverse.

Tammie F.

On-Site Exercise Classes

Feeling self-conscious about your weight and feeling out of shape with starting your exercise class can be downright scary! Working out with your co-workers can be less intimidating and more motivating and supportive. You’ll feel more confident and self-assured working out with your buddies and the convenience of not having to go to a gym makes for greater success and you will be less inclined to give up. You can all laugh together while you are getting healthy and fit.
Assisted Living and Senior homes: As we age, movement matters even more, and fitness is entirely achievable. Seniors can reap the benefits of exercise with strength training, flexibility, and even some endurance movements using a chair. Take heart knowing that when you become more physically active, the results will amaze you. Like any exercise program, a chair-bound fitness routine takes a little creativity and personalization. Have one of our experienced instructors come into your facility and demonstrate how chair fitness classes – whether it be Chair Yoga or Chair Strength, can benefit.
Most people in chair fitness classes have health issues and our trained chair fitness teachers are very aware of the limitations seniors might have and plan classes accordingly. Chair Yoga and/or strength has helped people with symptoms of many health issues including: high blood pressure, anxiety, vertigo, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression and chronic pain.