Through yoga, you can tune in to your body and create a life of strength, vitality, flexibility, and relaxation. You can choose to live a more dynamic and inner-directed life.

We offer Chair Yoga or Chair Tai Chi:

  • Designed for all levels and ages
  • Daytime classes are conveniently scheduled according to your needs
  • Classes are typically one hour in length
  • Classes are energizing and fun
  • Greater self-awareness and general well being in a relaxed atmosphere

Will yoga help me feel better?

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Arthritis affects one in three adults! As more men and women are diagnosed with this painful disease, many are looking for other ways besides medication to feel better.  Some say that yoga may actually benefit those who suffer from arthritis, because it can build flexibility and strength, relieve stress, and increase energy.  Without a doubt, yoga is one of the best habits that mature men and women can acquire. Yoga offers a new outlook on life.  Besides, it’s fun!

This is an extremely gentle class where students will learn to increase circulation, strength and flexibility through a soothing basic series of postures, using the chair.  Learn to breathe deeply, increase range of motion, and health of the spine.  Sessions end with a relaxing guided meditation designed to decrease stress and promote mental wellness.  Sessions can be for groups of any size, depending on your space capacity.

What do I wear?

Any comfortable clothing such as stretch or sweat pants and t-shirts are appropriate.

senior wellness dfwCost of class: Call for details.

Call to sign up for a free 30-minute class demonstration!

If you choose to continue after the demonstration, you can have class once or twice a week, or twice per month. The more often, the more benefits!x